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Jo Kyo Certification Information
What are the age and rank requirements for Jo Kyo candidates?
Jo Kyo certification applicants must be a minimum of 13 years of age minimum and a rank of 1st Gup or higher.
Is there an age limit for Jo Kyo Certification?
No, the program is open to all ages above the minimum age of 13 years.
How does someone interested in becoming a Jo Kyo proceed?
Anyone interested in becoming a Jo Kyo may order the Jo Kyo Study Kit and Workbook from Headquarters at least 3 months before a targeted Jo Kyo examination date by having their instructor sign an order form authorizing them to obtain one. The order form can be downloaded from The Jo Kyo Study Kit and Workbook price will include all fees and dues related to testing for Jo Kyo certification at a later date.
What happens after the future Jo Kyo certification applicant receives the study kit and workbook?
The future Jo Kyo certification applicant will need to read the assignments, complete the workbook knowledge reviews, and fulfill the required classroom teaching apprenticeship under the guidance of their personal instructor. After completing all of the requirements, the recommending instructor will conduct an examination and submit the Application for Instructor Certification, signed Apprenticeship Training Log and signed Letter of Understanding” with their recommendation to Headquarters. No fees are remitted with these documents.
Does the Jo Kyo Study Kit and Workbook contain everything needed to study and apply for certification?
No, Jo Kyo certification applicants will also need copies of the White and Orange Belt Instructional Guidebooks as part of the independent study and knowledge reviews. Additionally, they will need to assist or instruct a minimum number of classes under the guidance of their instructor to meet the requirements of their teaching apprenticeship.
Does the training instructor monitor the written knowledge reviews or are they an “open book” format?
Whether the knowledge reviews are monitored or open book will be left up to the discretion of the future Jo Kyo applicant’s training instructor pending any additional directives from the TAC in this area. Factor considered may include the candidate’s age, rank, and level of maturity.
Is the fee for Jo Kyo certification is standardized nationwide?
Yes, every candidate for Jo Kyo, Kyo Sa and Sa Bom Instructor Certification remits standardized fees as specified on the Instructor Certification Study Kit & Workbook order form.
Will there be some type of “Grandfather” system for those members seeking Kyo Sa certification who have never been certified as a Jo Kyo?
The TAC Chair will review such situations and render decisions on a case by case basis. Effective 01/01/2008 the TAC requires Kyo Sa Certification applicants must have previously been Jo Kyo certified.
Where and when can I test for Jo Kyo Certification? Jo Kyo Certification examinations are available and scheduled at the Certified Studio of the training instructor for members who have fulfilled all the training and apprenticeship requirements and who have possessed a Jo Kyo Certification Study Kit and Workbook at least 3 months prior to the Jo Kyo examination date scheduled by their training instructor.
How long should the entire Jo Kyo apprenticeship and certification process take?
The length of the process is a minimum of 3 months and the maximum period of time will depend on how long it takes the future Jo Kyo applicant to work through the assignments and to complete the teaching and assisting requirements of the candidates’ instructor.
How often should a studio conduct Jo Kyo certification examinations?
The training instructor at the Certified Studio schedules Jo Kyo examinations as needed.
Is the Jo Kyo certification program a financial benefit or a cost to the Federation?
The program is currently priced to recover the costs of the materials and service provided by the Federation to Jo Kyo certification applicants and certified Jo Kyo as a function of their role. The ongoing costs to the Federation for supporting and maintaining the instructor certification programs is partially deferred through the voluntary support of Certified Instructors who pre-register to receive event participation credits on their permanent member record when attending qualified Regional or National Federation events that count toward their Instructor Certification maintenance as required by the TAC.
What about the on-going costs of serving members who become certified as Jo Kyo and how does one maintain their Jo Kyo Certification in good standing?
Maintaining Jo Kyo certification requires that the certification holder continually upgrade their skills through their active on-going training in Soo Bahk Do and that they also develop other skill sets related to teaching and learning. To help assure ongoing personal development of all Certified Instructors the TAC communicates with Certified Instructors on matters that apply specifically to Instructors and provides specialized training for Instructors. Jo Kyo certified Instructors are required to pre-register and attend 2 qualified Regional or National Federation training events per year in order to maintain their Instructor certification status in good standing and participation in these events helps offset the ongoing costs of supporting the Instructor Certification program, development of future instructor training materials, on-going instructor communications and other special services provided specifically for certified Instructors
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